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Welcome to The Loung Online, your go-to digital marketing agency in Chicago. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow and succeed online. We specialize in SEO, PPC, SMM, email marketing, content marketing, web design, and development. Whether you’re looking to increase your website traffic, generate more leads, or boost your sales, we have the skills and tools to make it happen. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you achieve your goals..

Our Top Services

Website Design

Building a website is hard. It takes months to plan, and it costs a lot of money to make. That’s why the team at The Loung Online decided they could build websites in less time, that work and look great. 

Google Business Profile

 Providing a detailed, complete record of your business for customers is the best way to help people find you on the web.  We help to develop your Google Business Profile or Google Places Profile and customize them to grow your visibility online.

Social Media Posting

 Our Social Media Posting Service allows you to have a consistent social media presence throughout your campaign. Our content-creating service will increase your brand recognition and create a sense of personality for your business related to your target audience.

New Services Coming Soon

Live Spokesperson

Live spokesperson videos from The Loung Online LLC are a great way to bring your message to life! Our experienced team of actors and actresses will create a custom video with you and your company’s branding, creating a dynamic, engaging and interactive experience for your customers. With our high-definition videos, you can showcase the features of your product or service in an exciting, professional manner that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Marketing Video Ads

The Loung Online Marketing LLC helps businesses succeed online. With our expert team, we’ll create a tailored digital marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Our marketing video ads are designed to showcase your business and drive conversions. Get the results you need with The Loung Online Marketing LLC.

Pod-Cast Series Videos

Podcast-style videos are a great way to build authority in your industry. By recording multiple episodes, you can provide your audience with valuable information and insights on topics related to your field of expertise. With each episode, you can delve further into the subject, exploring different aspects and developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Through this process, your audience will come to recognize you as an authoritative figure in the industry and you can establish yourself as an expert.

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A website is essential for building, transforming, and growing your brick-and-mortar & online business, especially in today’s online shopping era. As a digital marketing agency in Chicago, We specializes in creating professional websites that stand out from the competition. Our services include Google Business Profile Optimization and Social Media Management to help you reach your audience and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed online.


Our Interview with The Local Business Market YouTube Channel

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Video Production for Local Businesses

Our Local Business Market Videos are crafted to highlight and display the expertise of any local business, of any size, in any industry to market to returning and potential customers so as to give them a more informed view of that companies products and services.

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Work Experience

The Company is still new but we’ve got the years.

Web Designer

I have been in web design for some time and I believe that creating the best site for my clients is essential to that business’s growth. So I do my best to give them just that, the best.

UI/UX Designer
Google Business Profile Optimization

Having a website isn’t enough, to have potential customers find you online you must first have a Google Business Profile and then have it optimized to reach as many people as possible.

Google Business Profile Optimization
Review Authority

Having great reviews from your customers can be a game-changer, potential customers get to see what other people just like them have to say about your services/ products, but if they don’t see them they don’t help. That’s where our Review Badges come in.

Review Authority Badges
Social Media Posting

Social Media is the new word of mouth, and the more people online see you and what you are about that the more they come to trust you, and that leads to them becoming customers. We can provide the online social presence you’re looking to create.

Social Media Posting

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What Some of Our Clients Have To Say

I worked with the loung online when they were the lounge media, the graphic design project they completed for us was exceptional, I look forward to working with them soon.

Blake Worthington

The Free consultation was very helpful, I was given information about some small changes I could make to my site that would help my ranking. And the free report, he provided made things a lot easier.

Jenna Matthijs

I met this brother in Puerto Vallarta some years back while on vacation, and he designed a logo for my company, what impressed me the most is that he was there for 4 days and completed the work and made revisions before he left. glad to see you back in the game.

Donte Morgan

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